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Planning and Development

The demands of due diligence processing can be very significant, but we have developed a professional reputation for making sound and rapid evaluations of both individual sites and property portfolios based upon a comprehensive range of desk study activities.

Our desk study research is additionally supported by our own archive of some 30,000 borehole records commissioned by WEMBLEY over the last 50 years.


In the face of a fast changing regulatory environment we have the essential ability to bring an unrivalled knowledge of the present law and planning system into construction decision making.

We devote significant resources to assisting the development of new policy and guidance, placing us in forums at the leading edge of discussion and progressive thinking in our areas of expertise. We aspire to remain the best informed consultant in our field.


We thrive on bringing our expert understanding of why things are naturally so, and how soil behaves to solve all manner of below ground ‘mysteries’ and to predict with confidence what will happen in altered circumstances.

Our expertise lies in understanding the structure and mechanisms that gave rise to a particular set of physical and chemical soil conditions, so that once we have established this we can generate ground models to assist the assessment of risks and future ground behaviour.

We are widely regarded as experts on the understanding and discharge of planning conditions related to land contamination.