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Land Contamination

By engaging us at the outset of your project you can be assured that every aspect of design and construction is properly addressed and benefits from our experience and high quality approach.

We can however be contacted at any stage of a project to provide specific specialist design assistance or advice, or to assist in liaison with regulators.

Our specialist advice allows you to make the right commercial and technical decisions regarding the management of a contaminated site from a position of knowledge.


Our service may be limited to the assessment and modelling of a specific soil or groundwater contamination issue and specification to its remediation, or extend to the selection and appointment of specialist remediation contractors and provision of full supervision, monitoring and validation services.


Our validation completion reports can provide an unequivocal assurance of remediation that can be presented to regulators, funders, prospective purchasers, tenants and other interested parties.

Whatever the scale of the problem, you can be assured of common sense solutions based on our sound technical knowledge and our wide experience.


LBH WEMBLEY can assist with the management of soils including waste characterisation and assistance with the preparation of Materials Management Plans (MMPs) under the CL:AIRE Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice.

We can also provide Qualified Persons (QP) to sign-off associated declarations of non-waste.