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Geotechnical Analysis

As experts in geotechnics we are retained by Local Authority Planning Regulators to support their planning officers in evaluating the safety and buildability of basement development proposals that are submitted for planning approval.

This service includes representation at public planning meetings and appeal hearings.


We have developed unrivalled analytical capabilities for assessing the impact of basement excavations upon neighbouring buildings and provide compliant Basement Impact Assessments (BIA) and Ground Movement Assessments (GMA) for our developer Clients.

In addition to mining subsidence risks, we are also able to assess natural hazards that may be faced by projects in certain areas such as the risks of carbonate dissolution and karstic fissuring.

Our advanced analytical techniques enable the prediction of distortion and damage where sensitive assets such as LUL tunnels and TW sewers may lie beneath a site.
We use specialist software for the modelling and analysis of slope stability situations and the assessment of temporary earthworks loading.